Since 1992, The Wunderlin Company has been helping both individuals and organizations reach new levels of success by identifying opportunities for positive change and then helping to make that change happen. Our network of professionals across North America lets us meet clients’ facilitation and organizational development needs across industries, sectors, and geographies.

Of course, every company is different – as its capacity to change. So no two clients’ experiences with The Wunderlin Company are identical. From one-to-one executive coaching to large-group facilitation to highly focused workshops, The Wunderlin Company tailors services and personnel to meet your specific needs.


What We Are All About

As Bob Dylan said, if you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying. Nature is in a constant state of change  – yet we humans normally resist change, whether it needs to happen on a personal level or a corporate level. How many times have you heard, “But I/we have always done it that way”?

We get that. But our team of experts has many ways to help you identify needed change, then figure out the least painful way to effect that change – so you – or your organization – can continue “being born.” Our primary goal is delivering work that benefits both you and your organization and provides lasting value.

We do this by:

  1. Continually broadening and deepening both our knowledge and experience base through our work with clients of all sizes in diverse industries.
  2. Building capacity by working not only to achieve your project’s goals, but to also enable you to carry on with the change work after our engagement is complete.
  3. Serving as an ongoing resource, providing as much guidance as needed.
  4. Maintaining a network of experienced professionals across North America to maximize flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to address your needs.

We can get no greater compliment than when a client refers others to us. Recently, a new client contacted us on the recommendation of another client whom we haven’t worked with in over ten years. Though that client had not used our services in over a decade, the positive effects of our counseling work are still being felt. The potential for providing that kind of long-term impact and value to every client inspires us day after day.

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