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Facilitator Training May 17-19 and July 13-15, 2016.


Facilitation Training for Results: New workshops will build skills – and fast-track progress

Are you trying to drive change in your workplace -- yet find your teams faltering?

Do important meetings often fall short of your goals?

Is stronger collaboration needed across your organization?

To help individuals and organizations strengthen team problem-solving skills, The Wunderlin Company offers a series of small, intensive, experience-based workshops during the year.

The next -- Facilitating for Results -- is a three-day training session May 17-19 led by Karen Wunderlin and limited to 18 participants. To reserve a spot, register now.

The workshop goal: to help individuals and organizations seeking to change their culture with the help of skilled facilitation tools and strategies. They will learn to:

  • Assist in structuring and planning team problem-solving meetings.
  • Effectively facilitate day-to-day meetings.
  • Become an internal leader of cultural-change initiatives.
  • Take a facilitative approach to their own work.

What people say about our workshops

With 20 years of experience leading facilitation training, the Wunderlin team has helped leaders in a wide range of settings -- from large international corporations to government and not-for-profit agencies.

Participants praise the intimate class size (9 to 1 student/faculty ratio) and lively interactive learning with hands-on experience leading a group through varied problem-solving approaches.

Some comments:

  • “I have always felt the need to speak when there is silence. I have learned to give people time to process and I have slowed down.”
  • “I tend to ask more questions – and follow-up questions – to get someone’s whole thought process. I used to think my role as a manager and as a teacher was to teach, and I have learned much more by asking questions and starting conversations instead of telling what I thought I already knew as a fact.”

Also on the Wunderlin Company training schedule are these workshops:

For details or to schedule an in-house class, contact Karen at 502.727.2637 or at

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