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Talk About What’s Important

It's a proven fact: your people will do what you talk about. So figure out what is important for your organization to accomplish this year and then make a point to talk about it every opportunity you get.

talk-about-whats.jpgFor example, if your strategic focus is growth, your employees need you to talk about it, reinforcing its importance. Or maybe it's safety, productivity, or globalization. So often leaders identify a focus, communicate it one time and presume the job is done. If you really want people to act, you need to reinforce that focus consistently. Make sure they understand the issue, why it is essential to the organization, and how you expect them to play a role in making it happen. Provide updates at all-employee meetings, talk about what's important in all your staff meetings, track it in performance reviews, feature it in your newsletter, and keep it front and center as you go about your day, week, month and year. Results will surely follow.

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