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Tips for Better Lives and Better Organizations (from our New Year’s Collection)

Since New Year's 2004, we have been sending out tips for "sharpening the saw" -- both on a personal and an organizational level. These "tips" columns seem to be universally well received by our readers. While some of the tips will become outdated -- some are standing well the test of time. For your reference, we have assembled all of these columns in one place: here.


  1. Determine your "Circles of Life."
  2. Develop one new habit for life.
  3. Move More.
  4. Exercise your brain - try something new.
  5. Get Organized.
  6. Schedule time with your organizing system everyday.
  7. Schedule your personal time just like a business appointment.
  8. Say "thank you" better and more often.
  9. Improve your technological savvy.
  10. Upgrade your professional skills.


  1. Keep up with the world.
  2. Consider the China Syndrome.
  3. Create a reading calendar.
  4. Start a "book club" with your team at work.
  5. Make yourself a "list like Bill's."
  6. Engage in some

    "risk therapy."

  7. Use all your frequent flier points.
  8. Exercise your compassionate muscle.
  9. Strengthen your web and share your wisdom.
  10. Spend some time with your calendar.


  1. Get a "Personal Compass" and plot your future.
  2. Become a "Skype-er."
  3. Try Argentinean wine.
  4. Fly in a bit more comfort.
  5. Pack your digital camera.
  6. There's more to travel than "sightseeing."
  7. Read for knowledge; read for enjoyment.
  8. Use poetry to add meaning to your communications.
  9. Rededicate yourself to personal improvement.
  10. Consider a Wunderlin Company workshop.


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  2. It's Hip to be Fit
  3. Best Business Reads
  4. Join the Blogosphere
  5. Polish Your Presentations
  6. Color Your World Green
  7. Words to Lead By
  8. Go for the Goal
  9. Stretch Yourself
  10. Inspired Gift Giving

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