2017 Training Schedule

Facilitating for Results: December 4-6, 2017

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A master-level workshop for those interested in taking their facilitation skills to the next level.

This workshop exposes experienced facilitators to the latest in facilitation practice. It also gives you hands-on experience with newer, more advanced facilitation skills. You’ll come away rejuvenated with ideas, skills, and tools that you can put to use with groups immediately.

This workshop combines the best of what we’ve seen and done with very practical skills application. Through action learning, you will come away with new insights and new tools that can help you accelerate change and improve the quality of work in your organization. After the course, our faculty will provide follow-up coaching and design support for a facilitation event.

This workshop is designed to increase your skills and effectiveness with groups. You’ll learn how to:

  • Design sessions so that you dramatically improve their effectiveness
  • Increase your own self-awareness so that you operate more intentionally with your group
  • Apply change acceleration processes
  • Manage difficult conversations, difficult topics, and difficult personalities
  • Effectively use standards that will help your group and you be more authentic
  • Help your groups grow developmentally and begin to manage their own processes
  • Be comfortable introducing new models for how groups can work together, selecting the one most appropriate for the task

Through lively discussion and learning, participants will experience the power of the latest in facilitation theory and practice.

Standards of Behavior

A facilitator is an “agent of change” and role model for the group. One of the most powerful tools a facilitator can use is the ability to listen, intervene, and be authentic. By using “standards of behavior,” a facilitator can help a group develop its capacity for reaching goals and manage its own process work.

Appreciative Inquiry

The use of this model creates positive, generative, sustainable change by identifying and expanding the “positive core” of issues. By actively searching for “what is working,” creative solutions emerge with increased participation and understanding.

Open Space

This model can best be described as the “anti-facilitation facilitation process.” Come learn how enabling meeting participants to define their own agenda, manage their own work, and set their own pace can unleash spectacular results.

Feedback from workshop participants

“I think much of the value from the facilitator training course stems from the consideration of facilitation as a ‘process’ with multiple tools that can be used to guide a team to successful outcomes. I do not see any single tool in the facilitator’s ‘toolbox’ as more valuable than another, because specific situations lend themselves to different tools, as do specific group dynamics.”

The workshop fee of $2,095, includes all materials, course instruction, and lunches. Enrollment is limited.

For details, contact Karen at 502.895.3689 or at kw@wunderlin.com.


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