2017 Training Schedule

Facilitating for Results: December 4-6, 2017

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Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

Asking for a raise. Reassigning responsibilities. Giving critical feedback to an underperforming employee. Denying a request. All difficult conversations. What are the hard conversations you need to have, but don’t – or don’t do well enough?

Loosely based on the book Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most, by Stone, Patton, Heen, and Fisher, this one-day workshop teaches participants how to have tough conversations with less stress and more success.

The course helps participants get a clearer picture of just what makes difficult conversations difficult and how to improve the chances of having them productively. The workshop deconstructs difficult conversations into manageable portions and provides practical, actionable tools to take back into the workplace or the home.

The workshop starts with examining the three conversations that are part of a difficult conversation: the “What Happened?” conversation, the “Feelings” conversation, and the “What does this say about my identity?” conversation. Participants will then learn to map the contribution system (wherever we are, we all contributed both good and bad), separating intention from results (“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings”), and how to shift the conversation from being about who is right to a learning conversation about how to go forward from here.

The workshop fee of $850 includes all materials, course instruction, and lunch. Enrollment is limited.

Dedicated on-site workshops are also available and can be customized in length and topics to address your organization’s specific needs. To schedule an in-house class for up to 16 of your employees, contact Karen at 502.895.3689 or at kw@wunderlin.com.