Our team of professionals brings expertise and decades of diverse experience to facilitation, organizational development, and coaching.

We guide individuals and companies in defining goals and implementing concrete steps toward achieving them – then provide coaching along the way.


Helping you create a productive environment where your team can do their work most effectively.

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GE WorkOut

Unlocking new problem-solving resources while providing a vehicle for optimizing speed, cost, and quality.

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Executive Coaching

Building exceptional coaching relationships and maximizing those relationships’ value to you.

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Strategic Planning

Creating processes that define your vision, goals, and strategies – as well as the tactics to achieve them.

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Helping individuals, teams, and entire organizations improve how they communicate, learn, and work.

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CAP/Change Leadership

Building leadership skills to ensure the success of your organizational change efforts.

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Carrying change initiatives forward through our series of workshops that address a wide range of subjects.

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Our professionals’ comprehensive skills and experience are a standout.

Customizing facilitation, organizational development, and coaching programs for your organization’s specific goals and needs.

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