“When our company reached an important turning point with a new vision, we knew we could not achieve that vision doing things as we always had.

Partnering with The Wunderlin Company to implement Change Acceleration Teams not only ensured achieving our ambitious goals, it strengthened and broadened the organization’s capacity to lead change.  It is now standard to integrate change acceleration with program management.”

-Ted Nixon, CEO and Elaine Gravatte, President – DDW

Your organization may develop the best possible technical solution, but that does not mean it will be successfully implemented.

It’s the human element – not the technical element – that often derails a project. To really succeed, leaders must focus on organizational engagement as well as the technical solution.

The Wunderlin Company uses GE’s CAP (Change Acceleration Process) to improve engagement results. We’ve been training and consulting with leaders on this process for more than 20 years. We share concepts, tools, and techniques that build change leadership skills.

Here’s how Change Acceleration works:

  1. Initiate the Change – define your purpose and create a shared need – Where do you want to be? What will the team gain from making this change?
  2. Mobilize commitment – What does the future look like? What behaviours are vital to success? Who must be invested in this vision?
  3. Transitioning from vision to reality –  Build systems and structures to sustain the change. How does the new process stay dynamic? How does the team influence the organization to support the change?
  4. Make change last – Monitor progress. Did you meet your goals? Did you do what you set out to do? Is your change now “A Way of Doing Business?” What adjustments must happen to ensure success?

The CAP approach helps organizations increase success and accelerate change implementations. We help leaders articulate a shared need for the change, understand and deal with resistance from key stakeholders, and build influence strategies.

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