Facilitating for Results

Price: $2,000

This workshop, taught by The Wunderlin Company’s highly skilled facilitation professionals, trains organization members in the critical skills they need to plan and facilitate effective meetings.


What to Expect:

This three-day training session is an intensive, experiential training session with a maximum participant-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1.

The goal is to help organizations use facilitation tools to change their work culture for the better.

  • Day One introduces the facilitation concept and process.  Through activities, discussion, and exercises; participants develop an understanding of the facilitator’s role, the difference between content and process, how to evaluate what a group needs, and how to take a facilitative approach to work.
  • Day Two focuses on facilitation skills development. Participants practice essential skills such as brainstorming, process mapping, team building, and dealing with disruptive behaviors.
  • Day Three is a “facilitation lab” in which every participant leads a section of a problem-solving meeting.



Participants who complete this course can:

  • Become an internal leader of cultural change initiative
  • Facilitate most day-to-day meetings
  • “Shadow facilitate” an in-depth problem-solving meeting
  • Assist planning and structuring problem-solving meetings
  • Take a facilitative approach to their own work

Graduates of this course can apply facilitation skills to many group situations and create more effective outcomes for everyone.

“I tend to ask more questions – and follow up questions – to get someone’s whole thought process. I used to think my role as a manager and as a teacher was to teach, and I have learned much more (and my peers have too) by asking questions, and starting conversations, instead of telling what I thought I already knew as a fact.”

“I have always felt the need to speak when there is silence. I have learned to give people time to process and I have slowed down.”


Registration Details:

The workshop fee of $2000 includes all materials and course instruction.

To schedule an in-house class for your employees, contact Julie at julie@wunderlin.com.


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