Lead for Competitive Advantage

Price: $1,042.00

In a quickly changing workplace, no leader can rest on their laurels. Today’s leaders must have a growth mindset and lead their team to innovate, respond, and evolve.

This workshop is designed to give a competitive advantage to managers with direct reports or individual contributors (project leaders) that must influence others to accomplish goals.

What to Expect:

Through small group work, presentation bursts, hands-on activities, and personal reflection; this 1½ day interactive workshop explores common obstacles and ways teams get “derailed”. We will investigate techniques to overcome these obstacles, and ways to use inclusiveness and employee engagement as powerful forces for business growth.


At the conclusion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Apply five skills for engaging your team and increasing productivity
  • Empower your team to decide and act quickly
  • Recognize challenges to build, restore and maintain trust in the workplace
  • Speak up and constructively challenge the status quo
  • Motivate your team to be more accountable
  • Be an enterprise leader, improving your own, and other team’s success

Each participant will receive constructive, detailed, behavior-based feedback and build a plan to increase your team’s productivity.

Registration Details:

The workshop fee of $1042 includes all materials, course instruction and lunch. Contact us to discuss concessions for dedicated or group classes.

For a custom proposal to work with leaders at your site, contact Karen Wunderlin at kw@wunderlin.com.


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