Julie Wunderlin’s creative and unique approach to facilitating is seamless and customized to her clients’ needs. Her communication skills, ability to dive deeper and the energy she brings to a room creates a dynamic experience.

When Julie got started, she thought she would be an actress/writer/director triple threat. Now with over 10 years of experience, she’s a facilitator/ marketer/ storyteller triple threat. She specializes in Virtual Facilitation, meaning she can work with teams of all sizes across any geographic location.

Julie’s consulting experience includes:

  • Facilitation – Julie has planned and facilitated numerous sessions for clients including a global manufacturing brands, non-profits, and multi-national staffing agencies. She has experience leading groups through visioning, mission and values statements, process mapping, goal setting, and problem solving.
  • Strategic Planning– Julie has worked with global brands and non-profits as they updated their vision and developed long-term strategies to align with that vision.
  • Targeted Workshop Design and facilitation – Host a workshop designed specifically to address your business needs. These workshops can be held at your business or off-site.
  • Change Management– If your organization is going through a large cultural shift or change, Julie has been trained to help you work with your organizations most crucial stakeholders and sponsors to oversee communications, adoption, and any further trouble shooting needed.
  • Podcast Production– Julie is the producer, sound engineer, editor, and social media coordinator for The Changing Times Podcast. She works with the hosts to outline the structure and content for each episode, preps guests, runs the recording session, edits each episode, and promotes them across multiple channels. If you’re looking for help getting your podcast off the ground, she’s excited to talk to you.
  • Internal Marketing /Communications– Julie honed her Facilitation skills in tandem with working as a Project Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Associate Brand Manager. If you need help or insight into your Internal Marketing or Communications plan, she is ready to help.
  • Team Building– With Julie’s unique background in theatre, she is able to conceive of and lead creative team building exercises. Designed to help your team connect and have fun, as much as you understand how you do what you do better, Julie is well qualified to lead team building exercises virtually and in person.



Julie received her Bachelor of Arts with honors from Butler University in Theatre and Creative Writing and completed SIT’s Arts and Culture of Ghana curriculum at the University of Accra. She has been mentored and trained by The Wunderlin Company as a facilitator. She received her certification in Change Management from Leadership Louisville, and her Masters certification from Eloqua in 2018 and 2017, respectively.

Recent Successful Projects:

  • Co-facilitating over 15 Strategic Planning projects for clients all over the globe, virtually, hybrid, and in-person.
  • Designing and facilitating strategic workshops for Task Forces and ERGs at global manufacturing companies.
  • Facilitate and co-design virtual Board Meetings for local non-profits.
  • Designing and leading the inaugural annual celebration and awards ceremony for the Impact100 Louisville Chapter 100% virtually
  • Working with the #1 North American staffing company to build corporate ideology for three of their brands.

Contact Julie to implement positive change for you and your organization.